About Us

Reimagining The Packaging Solutions to Drive Success

The packaging industry is growing and thriving as the trend of commercialism is booming every single day. There are hundreds of packaging service providers working in the borders of the United States to deliver quality packaging solutions, made exclusively to encase the client’s products. We at Packaging Forest LLC, are one of these many, many, packaging companies, so why choose us?

We Are Not Making Boxes, We Are Building The Stepping Stones to Your Success

What makes us superior when compared to the customers is our commitment to excellence. We are not just in the business of making the same old, dull and boring boxes, rather we are making your custom packaging solutions the ultimate way to promote your growth and brand recognition. Our teams of experts work diligently to help your products stand out and shine in the market. We take no chances and make no errors when it comes to creating the widest range of custom packaging solutions you’ve ever encountered.

We are fully competent to offer the full spectrum of cardboard packaging solutions that range from plain shipping boxes to vivacious cosmetic boxes, bakery boxes, apparel boxes, food boxes display boxes, and more. We use the latest offset, screen, digital, CMYK/PMS, and spot UV printing technologies to portray your product impression with the most vivid color palettes.

Our experts offer you the best skills and resources. Nonetheless, the final decision is yours. Choose the colors, materials, quantity, quality, box styles, box sizes; anything and everything to flatter your products however you deem best. We are here to offer our counsel, support, and the best packaging services you’d hope to have.

Customized Sizes & Printing

As we have already said; we enable you full customization of your boxes. You can choose to get simple boxes with logos or choose fully colored bold printed patterns on your boxes. The sizes are also for you to decide. We only want to make the choicest containers for your products.

Support 360

New to the packaging world? Not to worry! Our customer support executives are friendly and professional enough to walk you through all the steps with ease. With your best intentions at heart, our customer care professionals seek to make each interaction as efficient as they can.

Complex Solutions

Need a different box in mind? One that has never been made or rarely made due to its complex structure? Never fear! Our packaging experts have just the skill set you need to flawlessly execute customized and innovative boxes that your brand will be famous for.

No Hidden Costs

We hate fraudulent charges extraction as much as you, which is why we are always up-front about our pricing. With us, you will always be clear about what you are paying for and why.

Free Shipping

For orders above a certain number, we happily offer free shipping to our customers spread across the 50 states of the United States of America. Get doorstep deliveries with the quickest turnaround time you’ve experienced.

World Wide Production Houses

Packaging Forest LLC plays a highly important role when it comes to making things perfect for its customers as pricing and quality are joint stress for clients these days. Hence, we at Packaging Forest LLC are ready to give the best quality at competitive prices. Therefore, we have production houses in all parts of the world and we make sure to think about our customers. Our production houses are working in almost every part of the world but Asia is the most important part of all especially South Asia where quality and competitive price is always available and you do not need to be worried about shipping as it is our duty to provide you the product on your doorstep with no extra charges!