Three Different Printing Techniques for your Custom CBD Boxes

 2021-05-06 00:06:24


Three Printing Techniques of  CBD Boxes

CBD and its related products need to be packed with care and caution. Customization gives you wide options to bring versatility to your product’s packaging, Packaging Forest LLC offers you customization in CBD packaging boxes, you can design your box in any size, style, and design. We use three different printing methods to give your Custom CBD Packaging Boxes a glamorous look. These three methods are mentioned below:

  1. Offset printing method
  2. Digital printing method
  3. Screen printing method

These three printing techniques that we offer are suitable for different types of requirements.

Offset Printing Method

There are many benefits of offset printing

  • It is very cost-effective
  • If there bulk of material that needs to be printed, then an offset is the best option.
  • It is also faster than other techniques.
  • Since it is quicker and more efficient, the costs are automatically reduced.
  • This technique also provides better image quality than other technologies.

Digital Printing Method

Digital printing is feasible because of

  • There are better color-matching capabilities since it is built into the system.
  • The options for available colors are even better than physical printing.

Screen Printing Method

  • Screen printing is a long-lasting printing technique
  • There is a thick layer of ink that is used to make up texts and designs.
  • If this technique is used for clothes and fabric, the design will stay for a prolonged period of time.

The printing technique is selected according to the packaging box material if you choose cardboard material for your Custom CBD Oil Boxes then offset printing is the best choice. And if you select eco-friendly Kraft paper for your Custom CBD vial packaging then screen printing will give you the best and required output.

Besides printing techniques, we use modern technologies for printing, CMYK, and RGB color scheming with gloss or matt finishing impacts a lot on the product packaging boxes. Coating and printing work as a team both play a very crucial role in the presentation of the Custom CBD Boxes. You can adjust the additional text, for example, return policy and fine print. The sender and recipient names can also be added. If we talk specifically about the custom boxes, then the company logo and a label that tells what is inside are enough. However, this is a matter of choice.