What Are The Popular Types Of Packaging Boxes And Bags?

 2023-03-27 08:15:35


Types of Packaging Boxes And Bags

Packaging boxes are a game changer for your marketing strategy. Some are more convenient and attractive to use while some are cost-effective. However, it depends on your needs and inclinations that align with your marketing goals. But this is not sufficient, you also need to look at the product and target customers.

Packaging Boxes and bags are essential for any business that sells or ships products. They protect the products from damage, enhance their appearance, and communicate the brand identity. There are many types of packaging boxes and bags available in the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In this blog post, we will introduce some of the popular types of packaging boxes and bags and explain their features and benefits.

Let’s directly fall at the main content and know what are the most popular types of packaging whether it is bags or boxes. Not stopped here, the blog will also tell you how they work to keep your products safe and protected while helping you to deliver a great brand experience.

Rigid Boxes

If you are interested in manufacturing and keeping gift boxes, nothing is more reasonable and convenient than custom rigid boxes. These are most simple to use and are more convenient to use. That’s the reason they proudly come into the category of luxury boxes and as the most common type of packaging.

The rigid boxes known as the gift and subscription or mailer boxes are most common to see at the stores. Besides, those subscription boxes are used in the makeup and gift industry for people who want the amalgamation of luxury and aesthetics in a cost-effective way. Rigid boxes are made with stronger material, which is more durable and is not easy to collapse or fold during delivery and transportation like the other packaging boxes. however, to make it a little soft, and make it more attractive for consumers, these boxes are aligned with ad-ones that give them a bot more solutions and freedom to create a “brand ability”.

Kraft Boxes

Next in our row of most popular and used packaging boxes are kraft type boxes. In fact, these boxes are to be nominated as the must-use packaging boxes in the industry, and the reasons are eco-friendly properties that make them competitors for other types of packaging. These boxes and kraft material give product manufacturers an option to overlap the size of the packaging, adding incredible durability. But with all these features, the brand, and users can boost their credibility to renounce their name as environment saviors. Thus, providing an opportunity in which you can be fully creative. This can be called the best creation for both worlds, manufacturers, and users.

Cardboard Boxes

The world knows them as shipping boxes, and in some conditions, they are right. Where other packaging boxes fail to transfer the heavy goods, cardboard boxes come in. These boxes come in any size and shape to facilitate the product. Anyhow, the material is beneficial for products and packaging both, as these are cost-effective and sustainable. Customers can reuse them for further after the product. So, in short, these boxes keep the structural integrity in place when stacked up. This, in fact, helps prevent damage to the items stored inside. However, cardboard boxes are right to be called the best type of packaging box.

Custom Cardboard Boxes can be printed with any design or logo on one or more sides using digital printing or flexographic printing methods. They can also be customized in different styles such as regular slotted containers (RSC), full overlap containers (FOL), five-panel folders (FPF), die-cut boxes (DC), etc. Some of the advantages of custom cardboard boxes are:

  • Durable and sturdy enough to protect the products from impact, vibration, and compression during transit.

  • Recyclable and biodegradable which reduces the environmental impact and waste disposal costs.

  • They are versatile and adaptable to fit any product size, shape, or weight.

  • They show a large coverage area for branding and marketing purposes.

Custom Mylar Bags

In the packaging industry, where different types of boxes have ruled the world, there comes mylar bags take place. Mylar bags are the most popular type of packaging as they are thin, strong, and durable, combining features such as zip-locked and flat bags. These are most popular in food and storage industries as they are capable of a long time storing the material. These are flexible and are made of polypropylene material that lets them bent easily and stacked in a safe space. 

Custom Printed Mylar Bags are made of a thin plastic film that is coated with aluminum on one or both sides. They are also known as foil pouches or metallic bags. Custom mylar bags are ideal for packaging edibles, dried flowers, vape devices, seeds, and other products that require freshness, moisture resistance, odor protection, and light barrier. The mylar bags can be printed with any design or logo on one or both sides using digital printing or gravure printing. They can also be customized in any size or shape to fit the product specifications. Some of the benefits of custom mylar bags are:

  • They are lightweight and flexible, which reduces shipping costs and storage space.

  • They have a high barrier against oxygen, water vapor, light, and pests, which extends the shelf life and quality of the products.

  • They have a shiny metallic appearance that attracts attention and enhances the brand image.

  • They can be resealable with zippers or heat seals for convenience and safety.

Retail Boxes

Custom Retail Boxes are made of corrugated cardboard sheets that are cut, folded, glued, or stapled into various shapes and sizes. Corrugated cardboard is comprised of three layers:

  • An Outer Liner

  • An Inner Liner

  • A Fluted Medium Between Them

The flutes provide cushioning and strength to the retail box, making them reasonable to use for multiple purposes like the Vape Type Boxes.

Straight Tuck Boxes

If you are looking for a simple yet effective way to package your products, you might want to consider using straight tuck boxes. These are some of the most common types of boxes that work for a variety of industries and products. A straight tuck box is a kind of folding carton that has both the top and bottom closure panels connected to the same main panel. unlike the Auto-lock Boxes, this box folds from front to back (or from back to front) in the same direction, resembling a zipper. The box has slit locks on each closing flap that keep the top and bottom of the box in place, fastening the contents inside.

Straight Tuck Boxes are usually made from durable cardstock that can be printed with your custom design and logo. You can also choose from different finishes and decorations to improve the appearance and functionality of your packages. The above box’s types and materials are ruling the world like the king of packaging as they help in establishing a brand name by adding features to save the product. So when you are in a maze of finding the way of branding and marketing, choose our services and ask our customer services, who will guide you perfectly.