Straight Tuck End Box

Straight Tuck End Box

The Straight Tuck End (STE) box is multipurpose, easy to assemble, and offers a luxury look for retail display. Straight tuck end packaging boxes are ideal for the packaging of products that demand a basic packaging box. Folds closing at the back the fine edges at both ends of the front are covered up and hidden off efficiently. The top and bottom lids both tuck to the back, creating a clean brand presentation for your product on the front of the box.

They are simple to assemble and time saving. All of the order is shipped flat, STEs are shipped pre-glued with no glue, tape, or staples required for assembly. STE are suitable for an amount of special products series from food and beverages to cosmetics, tech, and toys. These boxes are best choice and more appropriate for your market product. You can add more die cut windows on the straight tuck end boxes according to your demand. STE can be personalized with your product colors, design and logo to make your personalized straight tuck end boxes more attractive.



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