Guide For Newbies To Pick Coating Options For Your Pre Roll Boxes

 2023-03-03 10:58:11


Packaging Forest LLC creates a wide variety of custom printed pre roll boxes for the retail sale of cannabis pre-rolls. In addition, we can create a lustrous logo for your brand or company that will help you sell more pre-roll boxes. In order to get the attention of the client, our specialists use a wide variety of innovative and long-lasting methods. We provide a wide variety of options for the final touches that will give your pre-roll packaging a professional look and a lasting impression on your clients. These are your options for coatings:

Printing & Coating Options For Your Pre Roll Boxes

To name a few are;

  • The Gloss

Glossy prints are coated with a glossy, reflecting finish. Although gloss media is capable of producing stunningly vivid hues and sharp resolution, it may be difficult to read in direct sunlight due to brightness. Printing used for advertising purposes, including flyers and posters, looks best when printed in gloss. 

  • The Matte

Matte paper is just normal paper that has an extremely thin layer of inkjet-friendly coating applied to it. When using an inkjet printer, this coating ensures that every last drop of ink is used to create a high-quality, expert printout.

  • The Spot UV

Instead of covering the whole surface of a printed object, spot UV involves applying a transparent polymer coating to a specified region (or areas) to highlight it.

  • Aqueous Coating

The aqueous coating is a water-based coating that is both eco-friendly and fast-drying, making it ideal for use on printing materials. Furthermore, the transparent coating may be polished to a satin, soft-touch, or glossy finish.

  • Foil Stamping (Gold & Silver)

Choose foil stamping for your pre roll boxes a new look. In addition, you have an option for two colors which is gold & silver. Pick from one and take your business to new heights of success.

  • The Use Of Embossing

Whether it's paper, leather, or metal sheets, embossing may use to create a raised picture, pattern, or text. Cards, stamps, leather notebooks, paper cups, stamps, etc. all benefit from embossing, a method often used in do-it-yourself projects.

  • The Use Of Debossing

When you deboss, you make a depression in the material rather than a raised pattern as you would while embossing. During the debossing process, a metal die is pressed into the top surface of the paper, card stock, etc., leaving depressions that resemble the original design (or other chosen material)

  • Printing Using Holographic Ink

Seeing a holographic print, which is a reproduction of a hologram on paper, is like looking at an object in three dimensions. The 3-dimensional appearance of a holographic print may be achieved with standard illumination, unlike a regular hologram. With these methods, we can improve the standard of our products while simultaneously introducing new technologies and aesthetics. The quality of these packaging boxes is superb. They have a one-of-a-kind appearance that is sure to attract buyers' attention. As soon as you design your own pre roll, everything about them will be tailored to your own desires. You might finally add a personal touch to your pre roll goods using this method.

Pre Roll Packaging Options

Our pre-roll experts have worked with hundreds of clients to perfect the material, size, and dimensions of each pre-roll pack. With our large selection of custom wholesale boxes, you're sure to find one that suits your desires or needs perfectly. Styles that are currently popular include;

The Use Of Tuck-End Boxes

These are the most typical packages for pre-rolled joints. Straight Tuck End Boxes, Reverse Tuck Boxes, and Auto Lock Boxes are just a few of the options.

Custom Mailer Boxes

These are the order forms for the pre-roll services. This box is a must because of its ample storage space and separate compartments for each kind of pre-roll. Pre-rolls may be stored safely without worrying about them being piled or crumpled.

Premium Quality Printing For Professionals

If you're having trouble coming up with a unique design for your box, you may discover some inspiration here on our site Packaging Forest LLC. We produce your unique pre-roll boxes using top-tier technology and use cutting-edge printing and assembly methods.

In the end, we employ one of three unique printing methods, including:

  • Digital printing

  • Flexography printing

  • Offset printing

Choose from these printing options for your pre roll boxes and take your brand to new heights of success!

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