Importance of Inserts in Hemp oil Boxes

 2023-01-19 14:17:35


Today, we will do a deep analysis of hemp and hemp oil, also by the end of this blog you will be able to know why an insert is important during the shipment of any product.

Introduction to Hemp

Hemp oil is extracted from hemp seeds. That’s why it is also known as hemp seed oil. However, hemp is a cannabis plant just like marijuana but it has zero level of THC. Instead of THC, this plant contains CBD, THC is stronger than CBD, and it can make people higher. Whereas CBD is used to cure different diseases like epilepsy or depression etc. In this modern world most people as facing skin, hair, and stress issues. Hemp oil is used to cure all of these problems, it is also very effective to reduce inflammation in the body. Hemp oil is enriched in Omega-3 and Omega-6 these essential oil contains healthy fats that can create protein in your body. That is why hemp oil is beneficial for your body, skin, nail, and mental health.

Some Potential Risks Regarding Hemp oil

As there are numerous health benefits to using hemp oil but there is a lot of risk of using this oil. However, it is safe to swallow or topically use the oil but there are two major risks that may occur the consumers.
  • Skin Irritation

A person who takes hemp on regular basis may face some allergy or irritation on the skin. Although it doesn’t contain THC which can make you addicted to it, the topical use of oil on a regular basis might bring some changes to your skin structure.
  • Digestive Issues

A person who takes hemp oil can face upset stomachs or diarrhea, which is why doctors always suggest doing a patch test on your skin or starting with a small amount to intake.

Hemp Oil Vs CBD Oil

  • Hemp oil is extracted by the cold pressing of hemp seed. It almost contains zero to no THC.  It contains less than 0.3% THC. Which is safe, that’s why it is high in nutrients and has a lot of health benefits.
  • Whereas, CBD oil is extracted from the leaves, flowers, and stems of the hemp plant. It can be used to treat various health conditions. For pain relief CBD oil is better than hemp oil.
  • Hemp oil contains more CBD and less THC, while cannabis contains more THC and less CBD.
Here is a quick comparison of both oils
  Hemp oil CBD oil
THC level Low high
CBD level more less
Extract from seed Stem, flowers, leaves, and stalk.
Production method Cold compression Solvent extraction with carbon
use Nutritional and Industrial. Medical use.

Always Mentioned the CBD or THC-based Products

After a detailed analysis of CBD and hemp products, it is essential to mention them in their packaging solutions. For instance, while designing a Custom Boxes Wholesale you must add a label that this product contains THC. However, some brands prefer to mention the exact value on the packaging. As mentioned that this is also used in various pharmaceutical products that’s why an exact estimation is a mandatory part of your product’s box. Although, all kinds of the packaging must contain product descriptions nutritional breakdown charts, and other instructions regarding usage.

But when you are particularly dealing in Cannabis, hemp, or marijuana domain you need to be very careful about it. Hemp is not much popular although, there are a lot of health benefits due to its association with Cannabis and Marijuana, and people try to avoid it. But the main reason behind its legalization in America is its lot of health benefits.

Deliver your Products in a Secure Manner

Custom CBD Boxes are offered by different packaging brands which can keep them safe from various harmful environmental factors. Here are some instructions regarding the selection of your boxes for cannabis and hemp
  • Your packaging must be light-resistant.
  • It should be opaque or laminated properly.
  • Properly sealed or properly packed boxes.
  • Packaging must be kid protective.
  • Must be non-reactive for hemp or any other herbal products.
Packaging brands offer a lot of options that may help you in designing a protective solution for the presentation and shipment of your products that contain hemp and CBD. Hemp oil is mostly packed in glass-based containers that’s why you need to pick a sturdy and durable stock for your Hemp oil Boxes. However, the producers prefer to choose boxes with inserts that can maximize the protection of your glass bottles and also protect them from getting damaged.

What is an Insert? How You Can Choose the Perfect one?

An insert is an additional item that is placed inside the packaging solution to keep your product safe as well as ensure the suppliers that their customers will receive your product in its original form without any breakage or leakage of the oil. So along with the component of security. More significantly, they offer a flair to the packaging and assist you in meeting your branding objectives. They are also not confined to securing the things themselves. Inserts can be used as trays or dividers. However, when you are going to design an insert, you must have some prior knowledge about the product. The size, shape, and type of the product can make it easier for the customers to design a perfect and secure solution.

Here are some step-by-step procedures:
  • Firstly, you need to choose the type or material of the insert. Although, each kind of insert has its specific characteristics that can make them either a perfect or a wrong choice for the product.
  • Second, you must know your packaging very well. Custom Packaging Wholesale with a proper insert can showcase your product in an organized way.
  • You must know the exact dimensions of the product as well as the box size. Because some die-cut inserts or molded inserts are formed according to the product. Moreover, the size of the packaging box in which you are going to place your insert.

Variations of Inserts

Packaging brands are offering different kinds of inserts, however, you are free to choose the best suitable one as per the type and container of your product.

Here is a list of different inserts:
  • Cardboard insert
  • Corrugated
  • Rigid chipboard
  • Eva Foam insert
  • Pulp insert
  • Crush papers or paper fillers
  • Molded plastics
Cardboard, corrugated or rigid inserts are chosen according to the type of packaging box. However, cardboard is more favorable for the packaging of lightweight items like cosmetics and jewelry items. A Pre-roll Boxes that contains 6 rolls inside one packaging can be placed inside the mold made with cardboard. Corrugated and rigid are heavy duty they can handle glass bottles easily. Moreover, you can easily find this type of insert in shipping boxes.

Foam inserts are specifically used for padding, you can use this insert to deliver a delicate product with a higher probability of breakage. E-cigarette Boxes can design with these inserts to keep your device safe from breakage. Pulp inserts are made from recycled material, you must see the eggs placed in these inserts for an eco-friendly and secure shipment. Molded plastic inserts are commonly used and easily find in the packaging of various products. Like in different electronic products, household items, etc. Though, they were popular in the past because of their durability and low cost. However, because it is non-biodegradable, it is hazardous to the environment.

Benefits of Using Inserts in Your Customized Design Boxes

The basic purpose of packaging is to provide a secure solution for the shipment and display of your trading items. However, the addition of an insert can help you in fulfilling one of the basic purposes. Here are some ultimate benefits of using inserts for the packaging of your various business items.
  • It Enhances the Presentation

With the help of an insert, you are able to present your product in an organized manner. For instance, a plastic mold can easily handle multiple carts, pods, or pre-rolls. You can easily take that tray out pick one and place them back inside your box. However, with the enhanced delicacy level there are fewer chances of product damage.
  • Strengthen Your Rand Values

When your customer will receive their product in its original state and shape, it will impact a positive impression on the customers. A CBD Tincture Box when delivered to the customers, and they got that cute tiny tincture bottle with an amazing dropper. So, after an amazing unboxing experience customers will prefer to shop from that brand again because they are so concerned about the safety of their product.
  • Provide Strength to Your Packaging

An insert provides sturdiness and firmness to your product’s packaging. When you place some inserts inside the packaging box it will force them to maintain their shape although in the presence of surface pressure.

Printing and Designing Elements For Your Packaging at Packaging Forest LLC

Whether you are designing inserts for your products, you just need to design them with enticing color scheming and fascinating design elements. However, both sides of printing can make your packaging more presentable and attractive for onlookers. As Customers can experience an amazing unboxing experience if the packaging is presentable from the inner side too. Here are three commonly used methodologies for printing on cardboard, corrugated or rigid inserts.
  • Digital
  • Screen or lithography
  • Flexography
With the help of these advanced printing mechanisms, you can easily design a perfect and market-competent solution for the trading and presentation of your various CBD or hemp products. Packaging Forest LLC is well aware of the delicacy level of these herbal products that why they can assist you in a better way to design a stunning piece of art for the presentation and shipment as well.