Pick the Best Mylar Bags to Protect Your Products

 2023-01-05 13:05:12


Food is an essential part of our life, we can’t even survive without it. There are many companies and brands that are dealing particularly in the food domain only. However, some of them offered frozen products and some brands utilize various methods that can be used to preserve the food for a long time. A properly frozen food can maintain its structure, as well as store its aroma and freshness for a long period of time. Although, there are different methods that can be utilized for the preservation of food and edible products.

  • Freezing
  • Sugaring
  • Salting
  • Canning.
  • Pasteurization
  • Sterilization
  • Dehydration
  • Chemical addition
  • Vacuumed seal
Although, it depends on the customers which process prefer for storing of their business products. However, the process of preservation is selected as per the type of product. For example, you can’t apply a dehydration procedure on food that doesn’t contain water. Moreover, Custom Packaging Wholesale is designed that can carry such preserved items gracefully without any damage or decay of the food products.

Brief Description of Food Preservation Methodologies

In this blog, we will discuss all famous food storage techniques. That can keep your edibles safe from all harmful environmental factors. Custom mylar bags have all those traits that can keep your products safe and secure. Moreover, the customization allows you to design these storage bags in different shapes, sizes, and styles. The barrier nature of these bags makes them a perfect option for packaging of preserved food items. Let’s learn about food preservation techniques first. However, food preservation is a technique that can protect your edibles from getting spoilage, decaying, and infection.
  • Freezing

The food and edible products are frozen at a certain temperature.  However, the freezer temperature must be below -18 C. this is good for the storage of fish and meat products.
  • Sugaring

Sugar is added to the food and then cooked for a certain time, after that you can have your favorite products all around the year.
  • Salting

In this process, salt is applied to the food, and this process is used to preserve seafood. You can keep your seafood in the refrigerator after applying the slat without any fear of spoiling.
  • Canning

These air-tight containers keep the food safe from interacting with all kinds of harmful environmental factors. This process is ideal for meat as well as for vegetables too.
  • Pasteurization

This famous heating process is particularly used for the storage of milk. It can kill bacteria and make your food safe to have.
  • Sterilization

It removes germs from the food. Although, this is not ideal for long-term storage. But for the time being, this technique is applied to make your food germ-free.
  • Dehydration

This is also known as the drying method. This simplest and cheapest method is very famous from ancient times. However, water is removed from the edibles in this process. By spreading your food in sunlight or any airy place you can make them dehydrated. The process is ideal for the storage of vegetables, fruits, etc. as there is no water inside the food that’s why there is less chance of decay.
  • Chemical Addition

The addition of some chemicals can also use to store your food items, for instance, pickling is the most popular example. By adding vinegar to your food products you can preserve them for a long time.
  • Vacuumed Seal

A vacuumed sealed packaging can keep your product safe until you break the seal. You can use Printed Mylar Bags as they can design with the best-before date. However, most food packaging must have a label that how many days that edible can survive after opening the package.

Packed Your Preserved Food In a Trustworthy Packaging Solution

After the application of any food preservation method, you need to get a perfect packaging solution that can keep them safe from all kinds of harmful factors. However, Edible Mylar Bags are an ideal and perfect option for this purpose. They are an impressive and eco-friendly alternative to plastic or PVC packaging. Here is a quick analysis of Mylar bags with ordinary PVC bags.
  Mylar Plastic/PVC bags
Durability More Less
Customizable yes No
Customize printing Yes Yes
Printing quality Fine Average.
Eco-friendly Yes No
Foil coating Yes No
Re-sealable Yes No
Food Storage Capable Not capable.
Obstacle nature More less
Heat seal Yes No
Oxygen absorber Yes No
Die cutting Applicable Not applicable
Food grade Yes No

Due to all these characteristics, these Mylar solutions are popular in various domains of food. Moreover, the reusable nature of these increases the protection level of the leftover food.

Food Enemies Play a Vital Role in Food Decay

Here we are discussing all those factors that can ruin your food. However, it would not be wrong to call them food enemies.
Here is a list of them:
  • Air

Air has 21 percent oxygen, that’s why there when a product interacts with the air there are a lot of chances of food decay. Because bacteria can only grow in the presence of oxygen. However, by using air-tight packaging you can increase the life span of your edible products. That’s why Hemp Seeds Mylar Bags are used because they never allow moisture or air to enter inside the bags and provide a feasible atmosphere for seed germination.
  • Insects

Insects develop bacteria and other germs in your products. That’s why it is essential to make your edible product germ-free than filled inside a packaging solution. Although, there are four life phases for insects: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. For each step, they need to be handled carefully in order to destroy them and protect the food. However, Insects at all phases of development will be eliminated by food storage without oxygen.
  • Light Waves

The best place for food storage is dark places. However, if you choose Mylar stock for the packaging purpose you can provide a shield to your food that can remain safe from light. Light can bring chemical and physical changes to your products that’s why foil-coated bags are used for food storage purposes.
  • Moisture or Humidity

All those food items which have low-moisture level has a long shelf life as compared to those products which are enriched with water or moisture. The presence of humidity provides a feasible environment for the growth of fungi and bacteria. These are the root causes of food decay.
  • Heat/ Temperature

Food can’t maintain its structure in the presence of high temperature or heat. However, Food undergoes physical and chemical changes as a result of sunlight, which is particularly harmful.
  • Time

Last but not least factor is time, every product has its specific time span. After that, every product starts its journey toward decay. However, each and every product must have an expiry date. After that defined period of time, your product must lose its originality.

Choose a Protective Solution for Packaging

All these food enemies can be avoided if you choose the right packaging solution for presentation and storage. Moreover, Bags made of Mylar effectively shield contents from dampness and insects. Over time, these bags let a very little quantity of oxygen flow. The protective nature of Mylar stock makes them an ideal choice for the preservation of herbal and organic products. Vape Mylar Bags are designed specifically to deliver these products with ultimate security and protection. The foil-coated bags can maintain the structure of your products as well as protect them until you unboxed your packaging bags.

Customize Your Packaging Bags with US

Packaging Forest LLC offers an array of customization options. That can be applied to these packaging bags to make them identical and stand out from the rest of the competitor brands.
  • Variety in stock

Customization permits you to design these bags with the stock of your desired choice. The freedom of stock selection can help you in designing a perfect solution for the security of your business products. Here is the list of stocks that can be utilized for the production of the bag packaging.
  • Pet
  • Clear pet
  • Metalize
  • Kraft
The variation in packaging stock can enhance their durability and presentation as well.
  • Variations in Sizes:

You can design these bags in various sizes easily. From 1 gram to as bigger as possible bag can be made with this flexible packaging stock. Moreover, you can choose the bag size as per the quantity of the product you want to pack inside these bags. Bigger-size protective bags can be used for collective shopping, as well as Custom Poly Mailer also belongs to this packaging family as a durable option for product delivery.
  • Presentation and Looks:

This is a customizable stock you can do printing on these bags in different colors. Alluring color scheming and fascinating graphics can make these bags enticing and eye-appealing. Moreover, you can apply various techniques that can enhance their looks.
  • Matt/ gloss lamination
  • Embossed/ debossed effect
  • Die cutting
  • Spot UV
  • Foiling
  • Metalized coatings
You can choose any option from the above-mentioned list to improve the presentation level of your product’s packaging. For instance, a Lollipop Mylar Bags with a see-through window cut can make your product more tempting and attractive for kids.
  • Closer options:

There are an array of closer options that can be applied to your Mylar bags.
  • Re-seal tape
  • Zip lock
  • Pinch lock
  • Heat seal
  • Slide and pull
You can choose any desired closer option as per the formation and type of the product which is going to pack and present in these customized bags.

Develop a Reliable Impression of Your Food Brand with Packaging Forest LLC

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