Why Do Most Brands Seem To Use Pillow Packaging Boxes?

 2023-01-02 12:54:33


A feasible and handy packaging is always appreciated by customers. No doubt, people love to have a product that gave them an amazing unboxing experience. Although, there is an array of packaging box styles which are available for the suppliers. They can easily pick any of them as per their desire to make their product stand out from the rest of the competitor items.

It is impossible to launch any product without its proper packaging. A packaging box is something that can help the producers in developing the impression of their packed product. If we talk about pillow boxes, they are popular just because of their unique looks and feasibility. However, you can design these boxes in different styles and sizes as per the specifications provided by the clients. The customization option makes you able to design and craft these stunning box styles in your style. Custom pillow boxes are one of the most famous and demanding packaging styles in the retail market.

What is a Pillow Box?

As it is clear from the name that these boxes are available in the shape of pillows. The curved-shaped packaging box offered an easy unboxing. Although these boxes are delivered flat, you just need to pop them out, and they will be in their shape. They don’t require any specific kind of assembling as well as you don’t need to pay extra labor charges to bring them in shape. These boxes have flaps on both sides. However, these overlapping flaps generate a secure solution for the presentation of your various business items. Pillow Packaging Boxes are popular because of their stunning looks and unique presentation, furthermore, they have the potential to make your product stand out from the rest.

How you Can Create Durable Pillow Packaging?

The durability level depends on the stock or material you choose for the production of your box. Although, you can easily design these boxes with any stock available in the market. There is no hard and fast rule or any limitation of stock for the production of these versatile packaging solutions. There are some commonly used options for your tailored-made boxes.
  • Kraft stock
  • Card paper
  • Cardboard stock
Packaging Forest allows customers to pick any stock from the above-mentioned options for their customize boxes. Although, the selection of a durable packaging solution can give you the satisfaction of presentation as well as the delivery of your products.

Some Techniques To Make These Pillows Helpful For Your Business

A perfect customized solution is one that helps you in making your product a top-ranked item. However, there are some tips for you that can make your packaging more effective for the growth of your brand.
  • You must assure that your product line is well-defined. When customers look for their desired product, they want to know they're getting the appropriate one. That’s why you should be very clear about your product line so that customers know exactly what you're selling.
  • Always use attractive and eye-appealing labels and stickers on your packaging that can easily appeal the potential buyers. That’s why the font style is large and legible, besides this, utilizes long-lasting printing that can stay longer without getting fade.
  • However, pillow boxes look stylish and presentable. That’s why your product can look good and attractive to the targeted people. That’s why it is a wise approach to invest in an enticing and alluring-looking packaging box.
  • Last and most important your Retail Boxes must be capable to protect your product during delivery as well as act as a shield while you place them on a display window or rack for sale.

Some Ultimate Benefits Of Using These Stylish Boxes For Your Products

Presentation is one of the most important aspects of your business items. However, this stylish and alluring packaging offers a lot of marketing benefits to their customers.
  • A customized box can present your business products in a professional way.
  • As you are free to choose the stock for your packaging that’s why you can make a selection as per the specifications of your product.
  • Reliable packaging can keep your product safe from harmful environmental effects.
  • Attractive packaging can drag more customers for you, more customer means more sales.
  • perfectly Printed Custom Boxes can grow your business on e-commerce sites.
However, these are some of the most highlighted advantages of using custom packaging. Pillow boxes are also utilized to send gifts. That’s why a trustworthy and durable box can assist you in designing reliable Apparel Boxes.

You Can Avail of Various Forms Of Pillow Boxes From Packaging Forest LLC

As mentioned, these pillow boxes are famous and rapidly used in various domains of marketing. That’s why to meet your packaging needs, we offer these boxes in different styles too.
  • Large pillow boxes
  • Pillow Gift Boxes
  • Kraft Pillow
  • Handle Pillow Boxes
  • Pillow Boxes for Hair Extensions
  • Window Pillow Boxes
  • Fancy Pillow Boxes. And many more
This is a list of some popular ones, but you can customize these boxes as per your choice according to the specifications of your products.

Choose The Right Box Option With Respect To Your Business

Various types of pillows are listed above, now it depends on you which style you find more suitable for your products. Although, these boxes are very popular in various domains like you can choose a small pillow you’re your earing packaging. Similarly, a window pillow is quite perfect for marshmallow packaging. On the other side, a big-size pillow with a handle can be used to pack any shirts or other fabric items. A fancy pillow can be a perfect option for the packaging of wedding gifts. So on and so forth.

Embellishment Options For Your Packaging Solutions

You can make your pillow boxes more attractive by adding some add-on options to your product boxes.
  • Embossing/ Debossing

This technique can add a 3D effect to your packaging. Mostly this add-on is chosen to highlight the logo or brand name on your Custom packaging boxes. You can feel the texture with your fingers easily. A plain box with an embossed texture can make your boxes more attractive and fascinating.
  • Matt or Gloss Lamination

Lamination on your boxes can prolong the life span of your packaging. As keep your products safe from moisture and humidity effect. Matt is non-glazy whereas gloss lamination adds shine to your boxes.
  • Spot UV Coating

Spot UV is applied only on the specific sections of the packaging. The spot UV can be applied to the texture of the packaging as well as it can be applied to your logo or product name to give them the limelight.
  • Silver/ Gold Foiling

Silver or gold foiled boxes look more glamorous and eye-catchy, Custom rigid boxes with a gold foiled logo are a perfect option for luxury or royal style packaging.
  • Die Cutting or Window Cuttings

Die-cutting allows you to reshape your packaging in different design patterns. A product box with a window cut can make your product more attractive and presentable. However, you can craft your windows in different shapes easily. Square, circle, oval, or rectangle windows on the packaging can make boxes enticing for the audience.

Design a Perfect Solution For Branding

A printed packaging solution looks more presentable as compared to plain boxes. Custom Pillow Boxes are either made with cardboard or Kraft stock you can easily do printing on both stocks easily. We offer modern Techniques and fine-quality printing materials that can prepare your boxes in an alluring manner. We also suggest our customers must add your brand logo to their custom solutions. However, whether you design a box for the packaging or Bottle Neckers for your containers you must add your brand logo. Moreover, there are multiple printing methodologies that can be adopted with respect to the customer’s choice and budget plan.
  • Screen.
  • Silk printing
  • Digital.
  • Litho or offset.
  • Flexo etc.
These are some of the famous printing methodologies that can be adapted to generate a perfectly printed solution for the display and packaging of your trading items. Furthermore, the use of alluring color combinations and fascinating graphics can enhance the presentation level. You can use CMYK, PMS, or RGB color scheming to generate perfect color combinations for your product boxes.

Custom Boxes Never Leave Any Carbon Footprints

The golden opportunity of customization lets you permit to pick only those materials which are safe for our environment and atmosphere. We suggest our customers pick only that stuff that is degradable and eco-friendly. Kraft or Cardboard both are decomposable stocks and never produce toxic gases that can ruin your ecosystem. However, it is critical to consider your product's target market while selecting your product’s packaging. If your product is intended for medical usage, you should choose a discreet and professional-looking box.

Choose The Best Packaging Suppliers For The Best Marketing

Although, you will find a lot of packaging brands in the market, the selection of professionals and experts can help you to grow exponentially. Packaging Forest LLC is the right choice for your pillow packaging solution, as we provide premium-quality boxes with fine printing and reliable stocks. However, you can easily customize them as per your choice in a very affordable price range. We ensure you that this box style will be a perfect solution for the progress of your business.